1. Double Click on My Computer.
  2. Double Click on the Printers folder.
  3. Right Click on Epson Fx 286e and left click on properties.
  4. Click on the Details tab.
  5. In the "Print to the following port" box make sure it reads LPT1.
  6. In the "Print using the following driver" box make sure it reads Epson Fx-286e.
  7. Click on the general tab.
  8. Load paper into the printer and click on the Print test page button.
  9. If does not print out a test page, go here.
  10. Click Ok and close all open windows.
  1. Double click on Finco.
  2. Sign-in.
  3. From Finco's Main Menu.
  4. Goto 8: File Maintenance
  5. Goto 3: Control File Maintenance
  6. Goto 1: Office Information
  7. Make sure the Forms printer and the reports printer are set to LPT1.
  8. If they are not,
  9. Go to the main menu and then print forms. Try to print something from finco.
  1. Exit out of Finco
  2. Click ok at the bottom and close all open windows.
  3. If this is the Server, make sure everyone is signed out of Finco.
  4. Click on Start, Shutdown, and Restart.
  5. After Reboot, it will come back and ask to reprint any jobs, say Yes.
  6. If it does not start printing, contact us for further assistance.